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Be everywhere, be mobile

Your customers are mobile, and so are we.

Most of your customers have a smartphone or tablet. Statistics show that over 70% of consumers expect to view your information from a mobile device.

SkyVUE is mobile.

SkyVUE delivers your dynamic content to any mobile device without any additional cost, time or effort from you.

SkyVUE mobile puts your organisation in a position to stand out among your competitors. It enables your customers to view your current information from anywhere, at anytime without you having to do anything extra.

Your customers will discover you provide them with simple, effective, current and stunningly attractive information on any device they choose to use. Imagine that!

Real-time data

Your customers expect your content to be current, and so do we.

SkyVUE is real-time.

SkyVUE enables you to deliver relevant and current information to your customers in real-time.

SkyVUE takes a data feed from your system and delivers it in a professional digital brochure. All you need to do is update your backend system (CRM, spreadsheet, database, etc.) and the SkyVUE brochure will be automatically updated. It enables your customers to view your current information at anytime without you having to do anything extra.

Your client can open a SkyVUE book years after you sent it to them and it will contain your most current information. Imagine that!

Be connected, be social

Your customers want to connect and share using social media, and so do we.

Statistics show over one third of your customers use social media every day. They want to connect with you via social media. They want to share information with friends on social media. They expect you to engage with them on social media.

SkyVUE is social.

SkyVUE enables your customers to share or like their SkyVUE pages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

SkyVUE enables your customers to engage with you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, email and subscriber forms.

SkyVUE links you to social media without you having to do anything extra. It is simple and intuitive to use. Imagine that!

Be informed, be enlightened

Your customers expect you to know what they want, and so do we.

SkyVUE provides you with Google analytics on each page of your skyVUE brochure. You can tell what pages your customers are viewing, how long they are viewing those pages and where they are coming from to view those pages.

With SkyVUE, you will know how your customers use your information, what they focus on and where they want more. These insights will help you to engage with you customers with the information they want. Imagine that!

How it works

SkyVUE is cloud based. You can access your skyVUE account from anywhere.

A simple log-in enables you to create the format for your skyVUE digital presentations using our specially designed templates.

When you select the dynamic templates, we establish an “xml” or other data feed from your CRM system, spreadsheet or database. This delivers changes you make in your system to our cloud servers where we host an sql database.

Alternatively, you can manually create the SkyVUE digital presentation from data stored on your desktop.

Our system then processes your data in our cloud servers and delivers you a unique URL that you can share via email, social media or sms. When anyone click on this URL, they will view the SkyVUE digital presentation you have created.

This is a very simple and intuitive process. We also have online training and email support to help you throughout your journey at no additional cost..

Who trusts us

Select your SkyVUE Edition

Social Media

Add rich media content like videos, audio and images in your books.

Integrated with SkyBUZZ

Beside creating just books, you can now keep your customers updated with our new eCampaign Tool, SkyBUZZ.

eMarketing URL

With eMarketing URL, you can share or email your books while they are automatically updated but the URL is still the same.

Email Support

WIth any SkyVUE edition, you will feel more relax as you get free email support for the life time of your subscription.

Rich media support

Add rich media content like videos, audio and images in your books.

Mobile friendly

Now you can visualise your books on mobile devices with all our Standard and Premium templates.

SEO friendly

SkyVUE is SEO friendly so that you can run effective campaign and be more visible to your users.

Integrated with Google Analytics

With Google Analytics integration you can now measure all your visitors actions on your books.